Winnie at the Secret Beach

We took advantage of some stunningly beautiful March weather this past weekend and made our way to the Secret Beach at Roy G. Guerrero Park.  I’ll keep the narration to a minimum: The weather was beautiful.  Winnie played in the water.  She tried to put rocks in her mouth.

I think we have a water baby.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday morning.







Winnie Learns About Framing

The carpenters came today to start framing the addition (yup!  Emily’s project is getting built, and no you can’t see pictures until it is done-done), and Winnie got a chance to inspect their work.  She gave everybody an A+.

We seized the opportunity to test Winnie’s hearing protection.  These baby ear muffs are awesome.  She didn’t object to having them on at all.  Depending on how we’re feeling in the next few weeks, we may have a SXSW post: baby version coming.  Exciting!

Anyway, enjoy the photos!

DSC_3378 DSC_3379 DSC_3380 DSC_3383 DSC_3376

Solids are here!

Emily and I have been reading Alice Callahan’s book The Science of Mom, and one of the topics she covers includes when to start a baby on solid foods, and how to tell if a baby is ready.  Here’s a blog article she wrote on the topic. 

At least 4 months old?  Check.

Core stability?  Check.

Oral motor skills?  Check.

Desire?  Check.

So we decided to give it a try, and it was awesome.  She was totally ready to chomp down on some solids.  We decided to start with fortified cereal (oatmeal) because the iron and zinc are important for her now that she’s going to start weening, and doubly so because she missed the last 2 months of gestation and didn’t have a chance to stock-pile iron in utero.  We have been adding other flavors to the oatmeal to get her used to eating other things.  We’ve tried sweet potato (big hit), banana (totally luke-warm), fully cooked egg yolk (SUPER messy), and avacado (another big hit).

She likes to help.  Most of the time she just opens up and lets us feed her, but there are times when she insists that the spoon is hers to control.  She’ll grab it with both hands and very skillfully guide it in for a landing.  It isn’t always a smooth landing.  Most of the time she crash-lands it into her cheek or nose before guiding it into her mouth, but that is what learning is all about.

Plus, bonus videos from the Grammies!!!!

First Art Exhibition

This weekend, we took June-bug to her first art opening.  The UT Architecture program was putting on a show called Field Constructs in the park down the street as part of the East Austin Studio Tours (EAST), so we took a short walk and checked it out.  This is our favorite (only) picture from the outing.   I think she’s a born art apprecianado.  She has no idea what she’s looking at, but I guarantee she probably likes it.  I think she’s thinking pretty hard about what it means.


This weekend also marked the first that Winnie would let me wear her in the Ergo carrier!  Mom’s back is saved!