Double Party Day!

Whoa.  Winnie was a little trooper all day today.  She tolerated not just one, but two full parties.

First, we attended Jonathan’s semi-naming/blessing ceremony.  There was some Hebrew, some singing, a little hand holding, and a lot of wood paneling.  Em carried the little stinker in her carrier, and it was the first time she passed out while being carried outwards.


(You can sort of see the wood…floor, walls, ceiling.  All the same finish.  Cozy, but also eerily like a large pine box.)  Anyways, she was really good during the party.  A quick nap and no melt-downs.

After another quick nap at home, we got back in the car to go to Auntie Hannah’s birthday party.  Emily carried Winnie again, and once again, she passed out.  This time mid chew.  Deja vu.


Oh, and this happened.  Rosie, River, and Winnie.  Baby pile.


A reunion of sorts, from back in February of 2015.  Flashback!


Despite all the partying, our fears (thankfully) were not realized.  Winnie did not get sick.  We can’t say the same thing for Daddy though.  Viral Gastroenteritis.  Dad caught the stomach bug from Hannah and co.  Mom and Winnie made it through unscathed somehow.  Probably thanks to her commitment to clean hands.



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