W-W-W-Winnie and the Catsssssss.

When we were in the NICU, Emily and I would weave stories about Winnie going off on pirate adventures with Noodlez.  They would get into general trouble together; most of the time they’d be cussing and spitting.  We were a little worried about how Noodlez would react to a new baby in the house, but our fears were quickly forgotten.  Noodlez is super sweet and gentle with Winnie.  If Winnie so much as comes into contact with him, he goes all rag-doll and starts purring his head off.  He’s smitten, just like we are.

It is only a matter of time before the adventures start.

Noodlez checking out his friend on the bed.
Just hanging out on the floor with Squirrel.
Sharing a lap.
Mommy’s lap is even suitable for double cuddling.
Noodlez guarding the bouncy (mostly making sure it doesn’t fall off the couch. WARNING!!!!)

Say, Matti and Emmy, did you feed them yet
But they’re so crashed out, Winnie and the Cats
Oh but they’re cute and they’re wonderful
Oh Winnie she’s really keen
She’s got a hundred toots and footy suits
You know she’s learning to breastfeed-oh oh
Winnie and the Cats


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