An Official (and Rough) Welcome to Parenthood

Winnie had her 2-month pediatrician appointment on Friday (at an adjusted gestational age of 39w4d).  She weighed in at 7 lb 7 oz and is starting to plump out with baby fats everywhere.  She also got her first round of shots, which started out ok.  Of course she fussed a bit when she got stuck…which was to be expected, but she calmed down quickly.

What wasn’t expected was the “mild fever” that she “may develop.”  I very loosely use the words “mild fever,” because what we had was a raging 4-alarm fire wrapped in a swaddle blanket by the time I got home from my “just-in-case” run to the HEB to get Tylenol.  When I left, Em had a slightly fussy baby.  When I got back an hour later, tropical depression Winnie had turned into a Category 5 hurricane.

We’re not sure how high the fever got because why would we use a rectal thermometer when we have a space-age laser guided temporal thermometer?  The temporal thermometer never registered over 99°F.  When we were finally able to find Emily’s ovulation thermometer (after the first dose of Infant Tylenol), we were coming down to only 101°F.  We hovered around 100°F for the next day or so.

In the long run, only a minor inconvenience and a good learning experience in being extra-prepared.  Oh, and rectal thermometers.  Every time.

Feeling better, but still not 100%.

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