The Incarceration of Winnie June

On June 5th, 2015 at 4:57 in the morning, Winifred June Kessing made it abundantly clear to the word that she didn’t care about schedules or plans.  She had her own ideas about how things should happen.  Adventures awaited, and Winnie June was ready to start.

Some people don’t like this kind of thinking.  Warden Doctor Sinha was one of those people.  He didn’t take to fondly to scofflaws, and earlybirds were some of the worst.  One or two weeks was forgivable, but arriving at 31 weeks and 4 days, 9 weeks before she was scheduled was inexcusable!  As a result, she was immediately incarcerated in St. David’s Neonatal Incarceration and Corrections Unit.  They call it NICU (nick-you) on the inside.

At 3 lb 11 oz and a meager 16 3/4 inches, Winnie wasn’t very imposing, but the warden knew how elusive Winnie June was, and so no precaution was spared.  Within minutes of being born, Winnie was whisked away in her portable prison, a wheeled hulk of a plastic womb, through the maze-like corridors of St. David’s Prison.  Past the locked doors guarded by nice (it must have been a disguise) old ladies, straight past the hardened babies in general population, and into cell 53: right in the heart of solitary confinement.  For the length of her incarceration, Winnie would be kept under tight lock and key.

Winnie June at 5 minutes old.

Little did Sinha know, but Winnie had allies on the outside that were looking out for her.  The female caretaker, codename “Mom,” was captured and was being detained by the special ops nurses in the postpartum unit under heavy sedation, but the male caretaker, codename “Dad,” was tipped off by an inside nurse that they were coming for him.  She entered the room and said the code-words:

“Congratulations, it’s a girl.”  Then leaned in closer and whispered his directions: “She has been captured.  The warden will escort her past this location in exactly 5 minutes.  Follow him and find out where she is being kept.  You must save her!.”

And just like that, his contact in the Nurses’ Corps was gone and he was alone again.  Overwhelmed, scared and alone, he cried.

But he knew he had a mission.  Just like the nurse said, 5-minutes went by, and the hulking cart came into view.  Dad was able to tail the doctor though the tangled art deco passageways, sneak through the door as it closed, and find the location of cell 53.  He was simultaneously elated to see that Winnie was alive, but his heart dropped to see the complex web of tubes and wires she was hooked up to.  No doubt some kind of security protocol designed to monitor the inmates.  Dad quickly made a map and sneaked back out through the security door and made his way to the Postpartum Unit to recruit help.  In order to break Winnie out of jail, he would first need to rescue Agent Mom.


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